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About Us

We are Mola Mola Creative and we write and produce radio commercials. I’m not sure who she is in the photo. Its a nice bit of stock imagery I can use until I dust off the Polaroid camera and take some arty shots . The thing is, we’re not web designers or photographers. We write radio commercials. But these days we have to have a website. And a Twitter. And Instagram, to post pictures of olives and freshly baked bread

Radio adverts. We’ve written thousands, directed and produced a mind boggling number too . We’ve won awards for some of them, but we don’t like to talk about it. AND we’ve got real, actual qualifications in writing them. Simon can show you his. So here is a picture of a door with “Bonjour” written on it for no reason. Now imagine the smell of fresh baked bread.

Products and Services

Did I mention, we write and produce radio commercials? We don’t use fancy “in” phrases and talk about “what’s your purple penguin?” and say things like “that’s an area we’re leaning in to”, we have honest brief taking sessions and come up with great sounding ads. But this is the products and services section of this web-thingy so here goes:-

Radio Adverts, We come up with great ideas for our clients. LOOK! THERE’S A LIGHT BULB! We also create On Hold and Telecom Audio. We produce Podcasts hosted by real radio presenters and radio journalists. We do training for Radio Station on how to use creative and spots to help clients, who will then want to spend more money on advertising. We do all that. But not wedding videos.

So you want to work with us? Send us a message and we’ll make first contact

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